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How harness the Power of Self Doubt As a Photographer

 Taken on the Lemos 2015 tour. 

Taken on the Lemos 2015 tour. 

I think all creatives suffer from self doubt. That niggling voice in our head or that feeling that we're not good enough. Our work is mediocre at best, we'll never be great at what we do and we might as well sell all our camera gear and forget the whole damn thing. So what do you do when that voice starts nagging away at you?

Use it man! It's that little voice that keeps us driving forward to get better than we were. The day it disappears is the day we're in serious trouble, because it means we're resting on our laurels and have become complacent. I regularly look at my portfolio and genuinely hate it so much I consider putting all my camera gear on eBay. But then I go out, cough up some better work and the voice goes away for a few weeks. But thankfully it always comes back and teaches me how far I still have to go to become as good as I know I can be.

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