Creative Funk, Photography Workshops and Why I Disappeared From YouTube For A Year

In the first video I've made for over a year, I explain how I really struggled with loosing my creativity and hopefully it may help those of you who have lost the inspiration to shoot. More importantly I explain how I got out from under the creative blues and emerged as a stronger photographer than ever!

I believe that all of us as creatives will at some point on our journeys, loose the inspiration to create. I know it's happened to me on more than one occasion and I'm sure it will happen again. That doesn't mean we stop all together. Especially if it's how we earn our living, but it is something we have to find a way to battle through and come out the other side. 

But here's the cool part. Ever time I have had to battle through a period like this, I have ALWAYS emerged as a better, wiser photographer and it has shown in my work. In this video I talk candidly about a severe creative funk I went through last year and how I came through it.