What level of fitness do I need?

There will be a fair amount of easy hiking and you will need to be able to get up hills, flights of stairs, and be OK with a certain level of heat. If you are carrying a camera bag full of equipment you will need to be OK with having this on your back for several hours at a time.

What equipment do I need to bring?

A camera is the obvious one, but also a tripod is a must. Having spare batteries and memory cards is also highly recommended. You’d be surprised how often one or both of these will fail, or run out in the field. A tripod will give you so much more flexibility to get good shots at night as we can’t always guarantee there will be somewhere flat and convenient to put your camera for long exposure shots. Graduated and natural density filters are a great way of increasing the choices of shots you have too. A strong waterproof camera bag will protect your gear and a lens cloth is a must. Don’t be tempted to use your t shirt or glasses cloth!

Are Flights included?


No, you have to make your own way to the destination, but wherever possible we will meet you at the airport.


Is accommodation included?

Yes. We always ensure you will be staying at the best accommodation possible in the area. This means it will be clean and well presented, although in the more remote locations may not be as fancy as in the cities

What levels of photographers are catered for?

All levels are welcome, from the novice to the seasoned professional.