Lume Cube: The most versatile continuous lighting for photography and video?

The Lume Cube is on the face of it, just another powerful LED light. We've seen plenty of those over the past few years as technology has come on leaps and bounds with LED and battery offerings. But the diminutive Lume Cube has a few extra tricks up it's sleeve allowing you to pair it to a mobile phone, trigger it with an optical slave mode and use it up to 100ft under water. It's robust and stylish design make it easy to use and something you want to carry in your kit bag as every day carry. It's been really useful just to have such a bright light available to use as a torch and it's pocket sized so can go with you wherever you go. Lume Cube Specs: Constant video light (20+ minutes on full power) 45+ minutes on 90 percent brightness, 120+ minutes on 50 percent brightness. Fully waterproof down to 100′ Optical sensor built-in to operate as a slave to other flashes/light sources.