A not comprehensive review of the rental Pug we got for this road trip through Greece


We got the automatic version of the Peugeot 208 because I thought driving in endless Athenian traffic jams would be much nicer without having to use the clutch every 8 seconds which hurts my ankle because I had a motorbike crash a few years ago and it doesn't like that sort of thing. 

I was wrong. I would rather break my ankle again and then go pogo sticking than deal with this sludgy, unresponsive gearbox. I have to say this is the older 5 speed version, and it's possible the newer 6 speed is less shite, but if you see one of these for sale somewhere just take your shirt off, soak it in petrol, light it and chuck it into the passenger seat. The seller will thank you. 

And it's a pity because it overshadows some really cool features that should come as standard on every car. The lights shut off automatically when you switch the car off instead of just beeping at you. The mirrors fold in automatically when you lock the car instead of having to find a button to do it. The large touchscreen display and USB charger put my Continental GT to shame and make it's dated infotainment system feel as up to date as the Antique Roadshow, transcribed onto the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

Don't get the diesel either, It sounds like Louis Armstrong gargling lawnmowers and will barely pull the pug up anything steeper than your driveway. 

The seats are very comfy, the boot is very cramped and the not round steering wheel makes you feel all cool and modern and stuff. Get the petrol, get the manual...actually fuck it: Get the VW Golf instead!