Top 5 Mobile Photo Editing Apps 2018


With more cameras these days offering a way to wirelessly transfer your photos to your phone or tablet for instant sharing, and the cameras in these devices themselves getting better all the time, having the right app to edit your pictures on the go and share them around on social media is just as important now, as having the right editing software on your computer. And this is particularly true for travelling when you might not want to carry a dedicated laptop with you, opting instead to edit a few photos on the fly and save the bulk of the post production work for when you get home or back to the hotel at night. 

Here's my run down of 5 great photo editing apps that will get your work looking great.

1. Snapseed. 

Snapseed Framed Planet

This is the one I use all the time. It is extremely powerful app that uses AI to detect faces and give portraits a great jumping off point for further post production. With local brush adjustments as well as global ones, perspective control and a whole host of other easy to use features, this Google owned app is always popular among both hobbyist and serious photographers looking for a fast way to get down and dirty editing done on the fly. 


VSCO Framed Planet

I originally knew of VSCO for their plug in lightroom filters of classic film stocks a few years ago. They were good, and very popular as a great jumping off point for further editing work. The app offers this too but in premium paid for guise). The free version still has all the editing tools you'd want though, and with the ability to edit RAW, GIFS and even video this is a very handy tool. 

3. Filterstorm Neue. 


Filterstorm Neue is a powerful app that offers near desktop app level of performance to rival something like Lightroom and Photoshop, 

As well as the usual tools for adjusting colour, exposure, etc. Filterstorm Neue also comes with one of the best and most powerful curves adjustment tools of any app on the market today.

Also setting Filterstorm Neue apart as a cut above is the ability to apply local adjustments through a number of tools, including a powerful masking brush as well as radial and linear gradient filters.


touchretouch framed planet

This simple to use app is dedicated to removing unwanted objects from your photo. While more apps are including this feature these days, TouchRetouch remains one of the most intuitive and easy to use. Simply run your finger over the area you want to tidy up and the algorithm analyses the surrounding pixels to fill in the area with a best guess of what it should look like. The app works best when the object you are trying to remove is on a simple background, and may take a few tries to get right, but this still remains one of the best tools on the market for doing this one job. 

5. AfterFocus

afterfocus framed planet

Another app dedicated to one single function, AfterFocus is designed to replicate the look of the shallow depth of field you get from a larger sensor camera with a wide aperture lens. It's particularly good for separating your subject from the background, especially if there are distracting elements back there. The software also transforms points of light to bokeh balls and does a decent job of deciding what is subject, and what is background. While it can never compete with a dedicated camera, this app allows you to use the phone to grab quick portraits of other people or yourself and make them stand out from the traditional phone selfie!