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Choose adventure, choose your passion for photography, choose taking your skills to the next level. Choose a photography holiday from Framed Planet!

Teach your camera to tell stories on a travel photography adventure of a lifetime. Improve your photography with workshops in the most photogenic locations with expert guidance from travel photographer Matt Widgery.

Travel photography is my favourite style of shooting because it includes all other photographic disciplines such as portraiture, landscapes, street photography, wildlife shots and photojournalism. But most of all I love to tell the story of the places I’ve visited through my pictures. In these workshops I break down exactly how to go beyond the basic rules of exposure and composition and teach you how to tell compelling stories through your images
— Matt Widgery - photography trainer


By partnering with Chryssie Koussia of we give you an authentic experience that connects you with the Greek people, culture, history and environment. You will see the country through Chryssie's Greek eyes which is what gives you the perfect surroundings, knowledge and opportunities to make better photographs of your travels.


Chryssie Koussia

Chryssie was born in Plaka, a pretty scramble of narrow alleyways and rising lanes, all overlooked by the Acropolis of Athens. Her passion for her homeland and travel has inspired this business venture. Chryssie loves nature and rejuvenates and grows when trekking; her favourite past times are foraging for herbs or finding the best honey, cheese, wine and other local Greek produce. Chryssie is inspired by the local people who keep the culture of Greece alive. You will see the country through Chryssie's eyes and discover a tremendous, thrilling, unexpected and serendipitous journey to magical Greece!


Matt Widgery

Matt is a UK born travel photographer and photography teacher. His passion for photography has taken him around the world visiting 17 countries in the last 12 months, teaching and inspiring others through photography to find their passion in life. His enthusiasm for telling stories with pictures and technical know-how will propel your photography skills to levels you never though possible and with his patience and humour will ensure your trip is full of wonderful memories as well as wonderful photographs.


We offer personalised teaching plans for each workshop student. Our small groups allow plenty of time to ask questions and to take photographs in an unhurried way with as much individual support and attention as each person needs. We really care about providing everyone with the best experience. Every student gets taught at the level they are now, not whatever the average level of the group is. You will always feel like you are our number one priority because you are. This isn't just some cheesy sales pitch to get you to book, although please do ;) but teaching photography is my absolute passion and sharing her beautiful country with others is Chryssie's absolute passion and we both really want to give everyone the best experience while they're with us. 

Photography Workshop in Greece
Photography tour in Italy


More than just a photography holiday, you will be part of the rebirth of the Greek economy. 

Every trip we make involves local businesses. Many tour companies use local drivers, translators and guides, and we do too, but we go much further than that. We pioneer a unique mix of photographic learning and economic support for interesting local businesses who are doing things in this very modern entrepreneurial way, fused with traditional Greek values of family, community, honesty and hard work. We bring you inside these businesses, meet the people behind them and photograph what they are doing. This gives you a first hand experience of covering a photo story while also providing them with valuable content they can use to help promote their work if, like many students do you allow them to use some of your pictures on their websites and social media. 

 Salt Production at Messolonghi

Salt Production at Messolonghi


Travel like a local.
With a range of photography workshops in Greece to choose from, all with expert tuition from professional photographer Matt Widgery and guided to the best places, people and food by Greek tour operator Chryssie Koussia of, you will travel like a local, be immersed in the culture and history of Greece and come away, not just with some amazing images, but with a deeper understanding of the country that truly is the birthplace of Western civilisation. 

Whether you're looking to learn street photography on the streets of Athens, or take our landscape classes at the mountain monasteries of Meteora, or take in the myriad photographic opportunities of the Apokria carnival down by the lagoons of Messolonghi, there is plenty for all levels of photographer to tackle. 

 The "Moutzouromata" is the most colourful and photogenic part of carnival season in Greece. We take you right inside the action.

The "Moutzouromata" is the most colourful and photogenic part of carnival season in Greece. We take you right inside the action.

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