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Lemnos Overview

A rugged jewel in the Aegean


This rugged island in the Aegean is far from the tourist hotspots and represents a window back in time to a rural way of living almost entirely lost in Western Europe. Here you will find an inner peace that radiates from the perfect balance between the people and the landscape they have inhabited for thousands of years. 



Exploring the area

The main town of Myrina has a picturesque harbour and meandering streets full of interesting little shops and tavernas. Behind the fronts of the two Shores, the town is divided into 4 parts: the old town core (encompassing the aforementioned Shores), referred to as Kastro (after the Castle atop the promontory); Androni, to the north (where the women of prehistoric Lemnos are said to have drugged their men before tossing them from the cliff of Petasos (the north horn of the bay of Myrina)); Tchas (most probably from the Russian word часовой, which means sentinel, sentry, or guard, because there was a Russian garrison stationed there for a short time at the end of the 18th century; less probably from the Russian word час, which means hour), just behind the harbour area; and Nea Madetos, a new (post-1980) settlement of workers´and fishermen's houses on the hill overlooking the Turkish shore from the south. The heart of the town is the market street, running north to south, and joining the Roman Shore to the Turkish Shore. Other landmarks are the OTE (Hellenic Telecoms Organisation) square, also called the bank square because it is the hub of all bank branches of the island, halfway along the market street, and the Perivola square, behind the Roman Shore, where the Lemnos bus station is (providing bus service from Myrina to the villages and back).

The island is perfect for photography as there are lakes, mountains, rivers, beaches, villages and even it’s own mini desert, all within easy reach of our centrally located hotel. 

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Eating and Drinking

Being down by the water the tavernas are filled with the freshest seafood you could imagine. There are many excellent places to eat in town and our hosts know all the best ones!

Where to Stay

Traditional houses and the windmills in the village have been remodelled into high quality spacious holiday rooms and suites accommodation, equipped with all the modern facilities you would expect from a luxury hotel in Lemnos.


The hotel’s rooms and suites are located in different positions throughout the village, with each building and room providing its own fascinating character and history. The village hotel epitomises traditional Lemnian village style, with earthy colours , volcanic stones, and tiles made from famous Lemnia Terra clay which were carefully preserved and reused by local craftsmen during the restoration.

How to Get Around

The island is around 75km from east to west so everything is reachable by car in an hour or two, even though there are not that many paved roads here.