Canon / Nikon Fight Sony For Full-Frame Mirrorless Top Spot

Canon / Nikon Fight Sony For Full-Frame Mirrorless Top Spot

Just 3 months ago if you wanted a full-frame mirrorless camera, the choice was simple. Get a Sony. The Japanese mega-brand dominated with 99.5% market share with no competition from legacy rivals Canon and Nikon from the DSLR days. But as of October 2018 these two sleeping giants have not only woken up, but have delivered some wounding blows of their own in the full-frame mirrorless wars.

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Britain's Biggest Speed Camera Uses Canon 100-400mm Lens


The portable A417 camera dubbed the “Loan Ranger” and currently on trial along the M5, this new camera can get clear still photos and video of drivers from up to 3/5ths of a mile away (1000 metres) thanks to a Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM mounted to the front.

Aimed at catching motorists using their mobile phones while driving as well as other offences such as speeding by seeing them, long before the driver spots the camera the test rig is currently being deployed between Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

The now discontinued zoom lens from Canon was not a favourite among photographers when it was launched back in 1998 as it had a tendency to suck in dust while being zoomed in and out, earning it a nickname of “the dust pump”.

Tell us in the comments below of other unusual uses for camera equipment or other funny nicknames for camera gear!

FUJIFILM Give Europe Double Cash Back on Black Friday!


Friday 23rd November is going to be an exciting time for Fuji lovers as the company give out double cash back deals on selected Fuji products in Europe.

When they ran this offer last year it wasn’t available in all EU countries and not on all products by any means but if you’re in the market for a new lens or body then Friday may well be worth waiting for.

Let us know in the comments below what you are hoping will be on the wish list!

Snapchat Spectacles Film Gruesome Surgery And Streams On YouTube

Daily Mail article here: Snapchat have changed their name to Snap Inc. And with that, a new mission statement to be a 'camera company. Does this herald a new era in wearables, or is this another Google Glass debacle?

Astonishing Arial Photography of North Korea



You may remember Singaporean Aram Pam from his groundbreaking 360° videos from inside Pyongyang back in 2013. Since then he has been pushing the North Korean government for more and more access to shoot stills and video inside this secretive state. 

In November 2015 the country started offering helicopter tours over PonyYang on which cameras were allowed. Having been petitioning the state for this kind of access since 2014 Pan was invited to take a private trip on a one-off North Korean made light aircraft. 

Get Ansel Adam's old Job. $100k a year to Shoot National Parks!


Go on then, what's your dream job? Ok how about this one. It's the job Ansel Adams himself once held and the opening for National Parks photographer has just become available.

The position offered by the National Parks Service in the U.S is only open to U.S. citizens but if you meet the criteria the salary range is $63,722 to $99,296 a year and you get to spend 5-10 nights a month travelling to national parks with a large format camera to take photos. 

If you're interested, there's still time to apply. Applications close on the 15th Dec. Click here for the original job listing on USA Jobs. 

When Selfies Kill: Man Shoots Himself Dead While Taking Selfie With A Gun

When Selfies Kill- Man Shoots Himself Dead While Taking Selfie With A Gun.jpeg

A 19 year old man from Texas shot himself in the throat and died yesterday while posing for a selfie with a gun he found. 

Deleon Smith was just a day away from starting college and the news of his death has devastated his family. He leaves behind  two young daughters. 

So, in the humble opinion of this reporter there are one or two lessons we can all take from this. Firstly, if you find/steal/own/are gifted a firearm don't point it at yourself under any circumstances. 

Secondly, unless you're absolutely sure you never want a job working for anyone else in the future don't pose with guns on social media. Don't you realise that employers check people's profiles nowadays to see what kind of person they're hiring? When they see you posing with a pistol like some Bonnieless Clyde-wannabe they're probably not going to give you the job. 

Thirdly, if you find a gun, it may have been used in a crime. If then police find your prints on it you're in deep do do. 

Framed Planet urges it's readers to not be a twat with guns. If you're going to shoot yourself, do it with your camera. mmkay?  

Panasonic Takes the Wraps off Brand New Lumix 25mm f/1.7 at IFA 2015 in Berlin


Great news for Micro Four Thirds shooters from Germany this week. This 50mm equivalent lens is available for 'preorder' for $298 from B&H. 

It isn't a very exciting looking'd about the most boring looking lens Framed Planet has seen in some time, but it's got a silent motor which should be good for video and Panasonic say the lens is aimed at 'enhanced low light shooting and depth of field control' although that is basically marketing gibberish for 'it's a f/1.7' 

If you do preorder, there's no word on delivery times yet so you may have to be patient for a while or hold off until they tell us more. 

iPhone 6 Plus: Free Repairs for Blurry iSight Cameras

If you own an iPhone 6 Plus and have notice your photos are coming out blurry, then it might not be your fault. Apple have admitted a problem with some cameras on the 6 Plus model manufactured between Sept 2014 and Jan 2015.

If you own an iPhone 6 Plus and have notice your photos are coming out blurry, then it might not be your fault. Apple have admitted a problem with some cameras on the 6 Plus model manufactured between September 2014 and January 2015. 

We tested the Framed Planet iPhone 6 Plus and even though it was purchased some months after the dates in question the serial number showed it was one of the phones affected. 

If you own an iPhone 6 Plus you can check if it's affected by visiting the Apple support website and entering your serial number in the box provided. 

To find your serial number you need to go to Setting/General/About and then scroll down until you see it.  

If your unit is affected you can get it repaired for free by Apple but you need to contact them directly. Third party phone companies and wireless providers are not participating in this scheme. 

Also if there is an issue with your phone that would affect the replacement such as a broken screen you will need to get this fixed before Apple will carry out the repair. In some cases there may be a charge for this. Basically they're not going to pick through broken glass to fix your camera!