When Selfies Kill: Man Shoots Himself Dead While Taking Selfie With A Gun

When Selfies Kill- Man Shoots Himself Dead While Taking Selfie With A Gun.jpeg

A 19 year old man from Texas shot himself in the throat and died yesterday while posing for a selfie with a gun he found. 

Deleon Smith was just a day away from starting college and the news of his death has devastated his family. He leaves behind  two young daughters. 

So, in the humble opinion of this reporter there are one or two lessons we can all take from this. Firstly, if you find/steal/own/are gifted a firearm don't point it at yourself under any circumstances. 

Secondly, unless you're absolutely sure you never want a job working for anyone else in the future don't pose with guns on social media. Don't you realise that employers check people's profiles nowadays to see what kind of person they're hiring? When they see you posing with a pistol like some Bonnieless Clyde-wannabe they're probably not going to give you the job. 

Thirdly, if you find a gun, it may have been used in a crime. If then police find your prints on it you're in deep do do. 

Framed Planet urges it's readers to not be a twat with guns. If you're going to shoot yourself, do it with your camera. mmkay?