Olympus E-M1X rumours put price close to $3,000


In a move that can only be described by this commentator as lunacy, Olympus are rumoured to be thinking of pricing their soon to be launched pro-body micro-four-thirds (m43) flagship the Olympus E-M1X to rival the Canon 5D Mark IV. And while the camera looks set to include some highly advanced features such as 3 types of high res images, advanced stabilisation and high speed wireless data transfer, the relatively large body and high price tag both negate the ONLY advantages the m43 sensor format had: size, weight and price!

The legendary Olympus E-1

The legendary Olympus E-1

It’s clear that Olympus are trying to hark back to the hey day of the legendary E-1 , which when it launched 15 years ago back in 2003 was indeed a powerhouse of a camera and the small sensor didn’t matter back then because it was the first DSLR with a lens mount and lenses designed specifically for digital technology. It was a watershed moment in camera history, and in many regards we owe the E-1 a huge debt of thanks. It set us on the path to the mirrorless cameras we have today that are designed from the ground up as digital cameras, and not simply descendants of an ‘SLR’ legacy that stretches back to the 1950’s.

But today the mirrorless wars are being fought over sensor size. Almost all the major players, Sony, Nikon, Canon and even Panasonic, Olympus’s great partner in crime in the development of m43 are all going to 35mm equivalent, “full-frame” sensors.

So why would anyone buy a $3000 camera with a tiny sensor when the same money could get you almost any of the full frame mirrorless or DSLR offerings on the market? And will Olympus bring out a full frame camera or stick to the m43 format like the orchestra playing on the decks of the titanic as it sinks beneath the waves?

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