The End of Reuters Pictures

After 30 years and a host of Pulitzers, one of the biggest names in photojournalism has announced it will be merging it’s photo and video news teams as Reuters News is reorganised as a stand-alone business in Thomson Reuters. This marks the end of Reuters pictures as it has been known for the last three decades.


Reuters’ head of visual said “Many of our photographers already shoot video – and videographers produce pictures. This mode of working is becoming normal throughout the industry as video and photo technologies grow closer.

“We will be taking a structured approach to merge our pictures and video teams. We will look at technology, training and workflow – and introduce single leadership where appropriate. We aim to align our teams with the needs of our customers by extending our footprint, improving our efficiency and increasing our flexibility.

“We remain fully committed to producing pictures and video of the highest standard.”
It is indeed a sad day for many, but seemed inevitable as the photojournalism industry has undergone seismic shifts since the birth of the internet and the rise of digital photography.

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