Perseverance at Mont St Michel, France

Northern France in early April was cold, wet and dark. And the coldest, wettest and darkest place just so happened to be Mont St Michel the day I pulled into town. If you want an idea of the ferocity of the rain at the moment I took this shot, just turn your shower on to full blast at home and get your camera out in it. That's not far off.  As my first attempt to make an image of this iconic place was ruined by the rain spots on the lens, I decided to hang around and see what the light offered up the next day. 

I got up for sunrise and the rain had stopped but the sky gave me nothing. A very pleasant day spent exploring the ancient citadel yielded a nice seagull shot, but this wasn't why I was here.

At sunset I had a third attempt at the shot I'd come for. Earlier in the day I'd scouted out a better vantage point and as the light in the sky faded, the buildings' illuminations came on, elevating the shot. Not the best sunset in history by any stretch, but I figured I needed to start moving south after this, so I called it a day and I'm happy with the result. What do you guys think?