Quite Deathy Fashion Shoot in the Italian Alps

I seem to be getting a bit of a reputation for shooting in stupid and/or dangerous conditions. usually involving setting things on fire, or nearly drowning in various bodies of water, it was time to add a treacherous climb up Adamello in the foothills of the Italian Alps in the freshly fallen snow to the list of deathy environments to make some photos. 

The climb up was hard on me, but Jen did it dressed like this. She's a warrior. It was early May it was unusual to have snow still falling at that time of year. Especially since it was so warm. We sun bathed in t shirts on the dry snow. An incredible experience. But the heat was melting the snow as fast as it had fallen in places, making the ascent deadly and the climb down worse. There are not too many safe places to miss your footing up there and not much to break your fall until you landed back where the car was parked about 1500m straight down. 

Nevertheless, the opportunity to stand in a place like this, let alone to do a shoot here  was a deathbed memory. Adamello is less than an hour from Brescia and not far from Lake Garda so next time you're in that neck of the woods it's worth a visit.