BERLIN: 3 Must See Places in Germany's Capital

View from the roof of the Park Inn Hotel in Alexanderplatz, Berlin

View from the roof of the Park Inn Hotel in Alexanderplatz, Berlin

I only had a couple of days in Berlin and I wasn't there to work either, so like most people who are travelling I wasn't there just to take photos. But even on a tight schedule there are a couple of stops you might want to squeeze in while you're in town. 

 If you want a truly fantastic view of the city I highly recommend the view from the top of the Park Inn hotel in Alexanderplatz. Whether or not you're into photography I always think an aerial view of a city is not only a spectacular sight, but also gives you a chance to piece your mental map together and figure out how the various landmarks relate to each other on the ground. This can be extremely helpful for not getting lost when you're back at ground level. The roof of the Park Inn is under utilised. There is no restaurant with 360 degree panoramic views like many of the hotel rooftops around the world I shoot from. The also charge you to stand up there. It's about 4 euros and for that you get a couple of deck chairs and a chicken wire fence. But the views really are worth it. 

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Speaking of chickens, another absolute must see is Dead Chicken Alley. This bohemian back street is tucked away and easy to miss from the entrance off Rosenthaler Strasse. I went with a couple of friends, one of whom Nikki Marrone from odefortheroad is a travel blogger and photographer so we were able to nerd out taking photos and soaking up the atmosphere. There are cafés, live performances and interesting installations as well as the amazing graffiti to enjoy, all done by local artists. It's a very unique atmosphere and so far as avoided becoming commercialised or overly touristy.

Dead Chicken Alley
Nikki Marrone from  shows Wesley Freeman Smith of  Colliding Lines  a photo she took in Dead Chicken Alley, Berlin. 

Nikki Marrone from shows Wesley Freeman Smith of Colliding Lines a photo she took in Dead Chicken Alley, Berlin. 

My final tip is a strange one to recommend on a photography website such as this, because you're not allowed to take photos! But the Nuclear Bunker tour is one of the coolest things to do in Berlin because it was so thought provoking and poignant. As photographers we need to experience as much of life as we can so that we can bring those experiences back into our work and tell more expressive stories with our cameras. So this photo is not mine. Photo credit goes to Monique Wüstenhagen. 

Nuclear Bunker, Berlin