5 Cool things to do in Messolonghi, western Greece

Everyone knows Greece is a beautiful country. We know the white stone walls of Santorini and the ancient majesty of the Parthenon. But there is so much to be discovered that lies just off the tourist trail. Messolonghi is a small town in the Etolia & Akarnania region of western Greece. Here are 3 great things to see and do when you visit. 

Fishermans House Missolonghi.jpg

1. Pelades

Famous for it's fisherman's houses on stilts in the lagoon called pelades, these traditional dwellings over the water and are an integral part of this ancient landscape and the working life of the people who live here. They are a photographer's dream too, looking stunning in the beautiful varied light that constantly changes the look of the lagoons. 

2. Wildlife

An amazing ecosystem of birds, plant life and animals, the lagoons are home to many fascinating creatures. The flamingoes, pelicans and kingfishers are all around for keen bird watchers and photographers alike, and the clean fresh air and easy pace of life are the perfect antidote to modern life.

3. Salt Mountains

The lagoons at Messolonghi are also famous for salt production. Harvested in massive collection pools in the lagoon itself and then dried out and piled into gigantic salt mountains, these make the area look like the arctic circle, not the middle of Greece! Fantastic for photography as well as of general interest to see how salt is produced, a visit is highly recommended. 

4. Olive Oil Production

Although not the best known for Oliver Oil, Messolonghi certainly produces the best quality. Come and see the whole production process from picking the olives to pressing them into oil. The smell of the burning olive branches filling the air is wonderful and atmospheric too, and you get to bring home some tasty olive oil as a souvenir of your trip! 

5. Arial Photography

Forget drone photography, nothing beats the real thing! Take a light aircraft up from the local airfield with a pilot who is a 3 star general and former mayor of the town and get a birds eye view of the lagoons, the flamingoes and the ancient monuments that are scattered among the hillsides. 

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