Lemnos, Greece 7 - 14th June 2018


Lemnos, Greece 7 - 14th June 2018


Delightful, undiscovered, quiet and with a rural charm the island of Lemnos lies exactly in the centre of the North Aegean Sea. Sung about by Homer it is known since antiquity for its technological civilisation. Its name, which has remained the same throughout the centuries originates from the Phoenician word for “white”; as it is low and treeless and from a distance appears “white”.

The Achaeans going to Troy stopped on the island and left Philoktitis – the hero who inspired the tragic poem the tragedy of “Philoktitis” by Sophocles, which is preserved in full till today.

A gifted place that hides a large variety of precious ecosystems; from thirteen registered wetlands that classify Lemnos among the most important and great wetlands in Mediterranean level; to the severe and volcanic scenery; to diamond coast lines and crystal waters. Everything composes a primitive and intact landscape captivating you from first sight!

If you are looking for authenticity in your holidays look no further! Seize the opportunity and feel the “different air” – the humble Lemnos awaits!

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When's the next one? 7 - 14 June 2018

How much is it? £3,200. 

What's included? Accommodation, breakfast and workshops.  This includes daily workshops, as well as post production and photo critique sessions in the evenings.

What's not included? Flights, lunch and dinner. You'll also need to provide your own camera and all other related gear.

Day 1

Thursday 7th June

Transfer from the airport and settle into your rooms.

Enjoy a welcome lunch and coffee and get to know your fellow travellers.

Later stroll into Myrina for some street photography and enjoy dinner at a nearby taverna.

Sunset photography down by the harbour. 

Day 2

Friday 8th June

Traditional Greek breakfast and a brief for your photographic adventure over the next few days.  

Drive to the picturesque village of Katalakos to photograph a timeless way of rural island life. 

After enjoying a coffee, walk with a guide to the sand dunes to shoot a portrait photography class with a twist.

Sunset photography on the beach

Drive to Sardes, another lovely village and and enjoy a delicious dinner at the local taverna

Return to Varos

Day 3

Saturday 9th June

Visit to Lemnos winery to learn about the island’s famous wines. Alexandria Muscat and Limnio are just two of the grape varieties on offer from the eight labels of the estate.

Lunch in Varos village.

Drive to Propouli, Falacro and Pigadeli to shoot volcanic landscapes and rock formations jutting into the in this spectacular natural environment sea for sunset photography. 

Day 4

Sunday 10th June

Explore Myrina, with its Ottoman  and Greek influences for some architectural photography. 

Guided walk to the castle and the archeological museum, enjoy the ancient archeological features. Sunset photography from the castle, and if the air is clear a glimpse of Mount Athos. 

Try and buy the local products in the market

Dinner in Myrina, clubbing afterwards optional!

Day 5

Monday 11th June

Sunrise photography at Paleo Pedino with local photographer and naturalist Stratis Liadelis.

back to the hotel for some breakfast and recuperation.

Explore the picturesque village of Kontias, it’s windmills and cobbled alleyways.

Dinner at Tsimandria where you will enjoy a meat feast!


Day 6

Tuesday 12th June

Photo critique by the pool in the hotel


Free program for the afternoon

Easy walk to the nearby cape taking in the breathtaking beauty of the environment. Guided visit to the prehistoric settlement of Hefestia for golden hour photography.




Day 7

Wednesday 13th June

Visit Kakaviotissa church up in the mountains. 

Easy hiking to a unique landscape view for some beautiful photography.

A visit to the ghost hotel for sunset, ending at Kotsinas for dinner by the marina. 


Farewell dinner and clubbing

Day 8

Thursday 14th June

Final goodbyes and flights home.