Understanding Light 2 Day Intensive Workshop

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Understanding Light Cover Photo.jpg

Understanding Light 2 Day Intensive Workshop


On this two day intensive workshop you will learn how to see, read and understand light. Become a master at working with both available light and flash to create mood, emotion and narrative in your pictures. 

On day one we will be breaking down the component parts of available light so you can always get the most creative power out of the natural light in the scene. 

We will help you see light as the camera sees it, learn how to use the colour, shape and direction to make better images. 

On day two we will be introducing flash into our photos. Learn how to independently control and balance the flash light and the ambient light, learn the constant properties of light that you can rely on every time to get you the results you want. We will be working with a variety of different modifiers and gels to make images that are very different from what you can get with available light alone! 

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The Stables
44a High Street
Great Eversden
CB23 1HW


11am - 4pm Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May 2018

What's included?

Teaching and lunch