Be More "Chase Jarvis"

I am often asked about what camera people should buy, or what lens, tripod, speedlight or other such piece of gear. And I'm not complaining, I like to help and my gear reviews are by far my most popular videos online. BUT, I also want people to know that the most important piece of equipment to invest in is your photographer's brain! I took these images last night with a smartphone camera. I didn't use fancy or expensive equipment I just found things that compelled me to make the picture and got lucky with some stunning North Norfolk sunset light. So, if your camera is a few generations old, or you only have the kit lens, or even if the only camera you have is your phone then don't let that hold you back from making amazing images because creativity has nothing to do with how much money you spend on your gear! As Chase Jarvis famously said β€œThe best camera is the one you have with you!”


Ahead of our FREE Photoshop class on Sunday 4th March, here's a little cheat sheet showing you all the keyboard shortcuts you can use for both Mac and Windows users. 

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way of streamlining your workflow in Photoshop and are great for beginners as well as seasoned pros. 

This list comes courtesy of Make A Website. A practical guide for all things related to building your own website. Check them out here


How harness the Power of Self Doubt As a Photographer

Taken on the Lemos 2015 tour. 

Taken on the Lemos 2015 tour. 

I think all creatives suffer from self doubt. That niggling voice in our head or that feeling that we're not good enough. Our work is mediocre at best, we'll never be great at what we do and we might as well sell all our camera gear and forget the whole damn thing. So what do you do when that voice starts nagging away at you?

Use it man! It's that little voice that keeps us driving forward to get better than we were. The day it disappears is the day we're in serious trouble, because it means we're resting on our laurels and have become complacent. I regularly look at my portfolio and genuinely hate it so much I consider putting all my camera gear on eBay. But then I go out, cough up some better work and the voice goes away for a few weeks. But thankfully it always comes back and teaches me how far I still have to go to become as good as I know I can be.

Is ISO Now OBSOLETE? ISO Invariance Test with Fuji X T1

Modern digital camera sensors are now getting so good that there is a new term on the block 'ISO invariance'. This basically means that the RAW file you capture at the base ISO, no matter how under exposed it is will have the same level of image quality in it as an image shot at the highest ISO setting on your camera to get the proper exposure.